APM cream

APMCream* is a massage cream for scars. Redness and bumps can be reduced at a regular application. The areas of application for the cream are very versatile. Many users have been able to report positive changes in scars.


Fresh scars that interfere with their red color and their beaded appearance, can be treated with cream APM. These include scarring of operations on the whole body, scars after a caesarean section or after the removal of tattoos. Physiotherapists call APM scar cream at the time of acupuncture for the treatment of scars. The massage improves the disturbed energy flow through scarring. The cream acts supportive. Midwives recommend the cream to reduce stretch marks. The blood circulation is stimulated by APM and promoted the removal of pollutants.


Raised scars are flat. Strongly colored scars become lighter. Overall, the treated area looks smoother. The smoothing ingredients reduce beaded hub and smooth the outskirts. The skin becomes more elastic, which justifies use at heel cracks and large-pored skin. Some users report an easier flow and faster healing of injuries caused by sprains and bruises.


APM cream is composed as an ointment. It contains no colors, fragrances and is therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. Negative side-effects and interactions with other drugs are not known. Rather, the cream is replaced painkillers for headaches or menstrual pain.

  • water
  • Glycerine (retains moisture, smoothes)
  • Palmicid Acid (refatting effect)
  • Octyldodecanol (refatting effect)
  • Phenoyethanol (preservative)
  • Petrolatum (Vaseline restores natural oils)

Moisturizing and refatting ingredients predominate in the cream. They hang like a film about the scar and act as electrically conductive layer.


APM Cream greasy and does not smear. It is rapidly absorbed into the skin. applying moisturizer to the viscous mass is easier to larger areas when the skin is previously moistened. It forms a soapy foam, which is taken up after a few minutes away from the skin. The application is very economical.


APM cream can be varied to apply and should be in every medicine cabinet. Especially with scars, a positive change can be observed.

*may not be available in all countries

APM Cream

APM Cream





      Price/ Performance ratio



        • Good efficacy
        • For old and new scars
        • Cream is quickly absorbed