Bepanthen scar ointment with massage roller*

Bepanthen scar ointment helps numerous events that may strutting unsightly scars behind such an unfortunate fall, a deep cut or a Caesarean section at the birth. In not a few cases such scars are bothersome. It must unsightly and highly visible scars, be now no longer necessarily permanent. Bepanthen scar gel with massage roller, is the optimal solution, and we’ll show you why.

Scars Goodbye with the scar of Bepanthen

Bepanthen scar ointment with massage roller is ideal for application of fresh scars that have just closed or older scars that are still red and raised. Whereby the scar was caused, is irrelevant.
Is a wound once into the deep layers of the skin, a scar can not prevent practical. However, the grain pattern can be reduced and mitigated by timely treatment of scars. And that is why the Bepanthen the scar ointment was designed with massage roller. With regular use the scar tissue is paler and the scars become softer and flatter. This uncomfortable itching and pain at the same time, relieved.

How to use the scar ointment?

First, you should massage the scar tissue 2 times a day with the integrated massage roller. A few minutes are sufficient. You then carry the scar ointment into a thin film and allow it to dry completely. The gel should be applied as early as possible, but only after a wound has completely closed. Treatment should be done at least 2 times a day and go about 2 months. The massage roller should be only one month, used after closure of the wound. Once the scar is closed, you can start with the gel but already.

How does the Bepanthen scar ointment with massage roller?

The scar ointment consists of 3 operating principles, which contribute to an improvement of the scar tissue. Primarily the Massage Roller helps to promote blood circulation. This promotes the breakdown of collagen fibers, which provide a strong scarring. The silicone contained protects the new skin from drying out by forming a delicate film about it. Dexpanthenol binds water in the skin, which the scarring optimizes and improves the moisture weight.

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      Price/ Performance ratio



        • Good efficacy
        • Very good skin compatibility
        • Ointment is quickly absorbed