Care with scar ointment

Scars are often very painful and can hamper people affected everyday life. It does not matter whether the scar is formed by a Caesarean section, a transplantation of various organs or through the use of artificial joints. But even in case of burns or accidents scar may form. To ensure that your wounds subside quickly and no visible scars, it is important to provide them good. The use of scars albums is indispensable.

What makes scar ointment so important?

The tissue in the scar area has no sweat glands or sebaceous glands, thus the skin is exposed to a strong tension. Scars are not pale to be treated from the time and stab thereby substantially more glaring. Also it can happen that form bead-like tendencies of splitting, which in visible places the psyche may be impaired. Should prevent the fortnight after the wound has closed a corresponding scar ointment may be applied to treat.

Maintain Existing scars

Even scars that may be present for years and sometimes even painful, should be treated with a scar ointment. Fundamentally, it is advisable for older scars einzucremen the wound with a thick layer of scar ointment and let this move with a bandage overnight. Even if you already have scar tissue, it usually comes to success, because by regular treatment the scar tissue is smoothed and the voltage decreases. The scar tissue should be treated at least twice a day over a longer period with scar ointment.

But scars can occur not only by surgery or accidents. Frequently Also visible scars form by:

ingrown hairs
Pimples or acne
Stretch marks
Razor bumps

These injuries occur not only in the face, but also on the hands, neck, abdomen, arms or legs. Often sufferers feel disfigured and impaired.

Finding the right scar ointment

Dermatix Ultra scar removal
This scar ointment is based on silicone and has already proven itself since Jahrhzenten. The gel is transparent and dries immediately after application to the skin. The ointment also helps to keep the larger grain moisture on the skin, thus reducing the tension. Dermatix Ultra prevents scarring and keloid scar helps. The scar ointment should the sealed skin after heal the wound be applied.

The scar gel of WALA
The scar gel is particularly well suited for fresh scars. The gel has a specific regenerative effect and helps especially in growths or hardenings. By interred Essential oils, the skin is better supplied with blood and accelerates wound healing.

Contractubex scar ointment
Contractubex is one of the most famous and best-selling cream against scars. The scar should be massaged with this ointment two to three times a day. It is rapidly absorbed into the skin and makes the wound noticeably softer and smoother. By ointment redness or discoloration can be reduced.

Bepanthen scar ointment with massage roller
This scar ointment nourishes the skin with moisture, the silicone protects the skin from drying out too. Since every scar should be massaged in the treatment of scar ointment, the addition of a Massage Rollers is a very practical idea.

Common use of scar ointment
When treated with scar ointment, it is important they regularly and not economical to apply to the wound. Massage the point slightly, so the circulation is stimulated and the ointment can easily penetrate with an ointment into the fabric interior. Especially with fresh wounds the healing possibility is highest when applying the scar ointment frequently, not save it. Fresh scars should always be kept moist. Ensure exposing the scar to extreme cold, heat or friction. In older scars it is always advisable to leave on the spot with a bandage overnight.