The correct scar care

Contractubex is a gel which is used for the treatment of scars. It can after surgery, be applied to burns, burns, lacerations, scars and even stretch marks. If a scar exist for some time, this can also be treated effectively with Contractubex. The right ingredients to make it possible, why Contractubex also for 45 years is the best selling product for treating scars. Especially effective Contractubex is in tumor-like scars that stand out thick or restrict the possibilities of movement.

Substances in Contractubex

The scar gel consists of 3 active ingredients which are perfect and mutually strong. Extractum Cepae is an onion extract and regeneration-promoting. For this purpose, it reduces inflammation and swelling. The drug heparin also reduces inflammation, hydrates, and also promotes in older scars blood flow to the scar tissue. Allantoin, the third drug of Narbengels, is wound healing and alleviates itching Promotional. Thus Contractubes acts in three ways. Itching, redness and a feeling of tension on the scar will be less unwanted scar tissue is prevented and the scar is more supple.

Application of Contractubex

Once the wound is closed or the threads are drawn after surgery, you can start treating Contractubex. Impeccable heals the scar with regular use. The scar gel should be applied several times a day (2-3 times) over several weeks or even months. Best affects the scar gel when it is in the Apply massaged onto the scar. Contractubex penetrates deeply into the skin and forms a protective, transparent film but on the scar. Most scars need months to a success is visible, with some success can be seen after a short time. For a barely visible scar, the treatment should be started as practicable after closing of the wound. While a laser treatment to remove a tattoo, Contractubex can promote healing to the affected areas, because after a tattoo removal, the skin is damaged and needs to be maintained properly, so that no scars.