Scars cream the fight against the unsightly scars

Especially in parts of the body that are visible every day, be scars for annoying companion. They always remember the most painful events, through which they were caused. Especially in the face, décolleté or on the arms skin irritations are perceived as particularly annoying. Many people are ashamed of the times and want to eliminate them. Scar creams can help to alleviate the symptoms of scars and minimize their visibility.

What is a scar?

For injuries and wounds can occur in the healing process for scarring. The disturbing adhesions occur when re-coalesce the damaged skin layers. For minor wounds often just a white patch remains, which are reminiscent of the previous injury. Since the neugewachsenen skin often lack the pigment cells, the body is white and stands out clearly from the rest of the body. In summer, when the healthy skin tans, the skin remains white scar and the scar is particularly strongly visible, indeed the opposite is lit directly opposed only pretending. Often grown on the damaged skin after healing process after no more hair, which is why the place looks smooth. Also biases the skin as it is less elastic than before. If the scar over a joint, it is very often an unpleasant feeling of tension or even pain. These often occur during the change in the weather, which is why people are often referred to as scar “wetterfühlig”. Attracts and tweaks the former wound when weather changes, so that is usually due to nerve fibers that are trapped by connective tissue or whose position has been affected by the injury. You can trigger pain signals, because the body can not respond quickly enough to new weather conditions.

Scar is not the same scar

If the skin grows in wound healing inward quasi too little skin grows back to a dent forms. In the medical field this type of scarring is called atrophic scar. With hypertrophic scars, however too much tissue grows and bulges outward. This type of scar is often accompanied by itching and redness. When the connective tissue proliferates beyond the actual scar addition, firm and gnarled appears, this is called a keloid. The more the skin is exposed to various healing environmental influences and movements, the greater you is a chance to get an unsightly scar.
By taking proper care of a scar cream the healing process can be beneficial to the skin and support the symptoms of unsightly scar can be significantly reduced.

What scar cream?

Countless different creams available to combat scars on the market now. A visit to the pharmacy leads as quickly to serious decision problems. An oil? A gel or a cream yet?
For smaller wounds, it is often sufficient to treat the newly created area of ​​skin every day with a marigold ointment. This supports the healing process and smooths and nourishes the fresh tissue. For larger wounds or cuts, such as after an operation, reference should be made to a specific wound. These funds are especially designed for the period after the wound healing process and to assist the body to maintain the skin after recovery and to let the wounds almost disappear. They are also known as topical Narbenpräperate because they are applied externally (topically). They can be applied only after healing of the actual injury. In the case of a stitched wound it is usually the day after the filaments have been drawn, which may be at the begin of the treatment.

Active ingredients and application

Onion extract: This ingredient is to prevent forms beaded or knubbeliges tissue. It is applied in the form of creams.

Allantoin: Unpleasant itching is reduced by these natural plant ingredient. In addition, the healing process will be shortened.

Urea: It should make the new skin more elastic, thus reducing a feeling of tension after wound healing.

Silicones: This ingredient can be applied applied as a gel or as a film which is stretched over the wound. It is designed to prevent the risk to the formation of hypertrophic scars and keloids and eliminate excessive growth of connective tissue.

Wound specifics should be applied at least once a nine to twelve weeks every day to the affected skin area to get a quick and clean healing. It is also important, good massaging creams into the skin in order to ensure that the active ingredients are actually recorded on the fabric.

Creaming, maintain, recorded successes

Through the long-term and regular use of various wound specifics the healing process can be promoted positively. After the healing, it is particularly important to apply scar cream to smooth the new skin to make it supple and elastic, and to provide you with all the necessary materials. The treatment of an injury right from the start, cleans the wound, supports the healing process and conditions the then incurred, fresh scar, so you have very good chances to obtain a virtually invisible stigmata. Is the stigma already exists, gives a scar cream still help. It smoothes the skin, increases its elasticity and allows the scar to be inconspicuous. Also itching and scarring pain can be alleviated by treatment with a scar cream. A scar is thus no reason to despair. With proper care and a little patience it will be virtually invisible.