Dermefface FX7

Dermefface FX7 effective in scars

A common phenomenon after injuries are permanent scars, which are often striking and make life difficult for those affected. Whether after surgery or an accident, burns or severe acne, the remaining scars are unsightly and require effective treatment. Sprawling or thick scars read just as with Scinception Dermefface FX7 treat as deep scars, which often occur in acne.

Ingredients Skinception Dermefface FX7

Seven clinically proven active ingredients combined with natural peelings, fruit extracts and moisturizers provide rapid regeneration of the skin. The cream ensures that old skin cells are shed and thus can form new healthy skin. As a result, the scar will hardly be paler and after therapy with Scinception Dermefface FX7 still visible. The treatment with the scar cream is designed for all skin types as it is based on natural ingredients. Even the most sensitive skin can be treated with it, side effects are not known.


The cream supports the natural regeneration process of the skin, which covers a period of four weeks, and reaches an accelerating it. The cream is applied thinly to the stigma, it is advisable to apply it morning and evening. You should be massaged into the skin for a few minutes. If the cream is drawn, you can hang about makeup.

Application areas

Skinception Dermefface FX7 can come in all kinds of scars are used, for example, immediately after surgery or accidents, but also in the context of treatment of acne or chickenpox scars.
In recent scars Scinception Dermefface FX7 accelerates wound healing. Scar tissue is not elastic enough, by the increased supply of moisture is the scar softer and smoother. The production of new skin cells is promoted and after a few weeks the first results visible, of course, after the cream has been applied regularly. The effect can be achieved both in fresh and in old scars. The improve the skin, especially with scars on the face, the person concerned takes the suffering and again leads to more vitality.