Scar Gel will help if the scar will not go away

From the wound to scar

With every injury to the skin, whether it is caused by graze, burning, cutting, surgical procedures or other factors, our body initially developed an emergency program”. He immediately makes sure that the surface is closed quickly so that no foreign substances in the body and can heal the wound from the inside out. Depending on the nature of the injury then the wound bleeds more or less. In addition to cleaning the wound, the blood also has the task to close them by coagulates, forming a scab. Only now can the reconstruction of the injury from the inside start. It may take longer depending on the size of the wound. Initially, a scar forms. A distinction is made between athrophen, hypertrophic scars and Narbenkleoriden.

From the scar to the skin

You could call the scar “provisional” skin. She has no sebaceous and sweat glands, there grow no hair from it and, above all, it is not as flexible as the uninjured skin, because the collagen is missing. It, as soon as possible to begin applying a scar gel is all the more important. Scars differ from the healthy skin usually by the color or by outgrowths; they are lighter or redder than the rest of the skin. They usually heal gradually. But depending on the severity and type of injury can also stay very long scars.
The skin is one of the most important organs of humans and animals. She is the one sense organ for touch any kind. In addition, it is involved by sweating or forming a “goose bumps” on the regulation of body temperature and she does important tasks of metabolism. Therefore, it is important to support a scar in their healing, so it again an unbroken skin.

How does the scar?

From the scar to again fully functional skin is hard work for the body. Therefore, it is advisable to support him and to treat the scar immediately with the scar. It contains several substances that contribute to the healing of scars. Main ingredient of this gel is hyaluronic acid. This endogenous substance which consists of sugar chains can bind large amounts of water. Thus, the skin is supple and also hardened scars become softer with time. Hyaluronic acid is also considered a miracle cure for aging, which makes it nice smooth skin due to its properties. Also included Narbengels panthenol. This is a material of which our body to make Vitamin B5. Panthenol is needed for formation of skin cells, it inhibits the itch with scars and also acts in inflammations. Scar gel also contains allantoin. This ingredient is not the body’s own, but is found in many native plants such as comfrey, horse chestnut and various vegetables. Allantoin helps the human body at the cellular structure and is also included in many cosmetic products to prevent skin irritation of any kind. Many Narbengels also contain silicones. These synthetic substances form a protective shield around the skin, so they do not dry out and begin to itch. In addition, the scar no longer spans, which can be very stressful especially when major injuries.

Application of scar gel
A scar healed fastest when it is supported right after their formation in the healing. But you can still treat older scars with scar gel. Even if this will not ehr disappear, so they can still fade and be less visible. It is recommended that the scar once daily apply on the scar twice. The duration of treatment depends on the degree of regression of the scar; So you can treat through out so long with the scar, the scars disappeared or have become virtually invisible. It is important that the area to be treated is clean and dry before applying. The scar you can use on the body, including the face everywhere. Since it creates a protective film over the place, the points are even stay over the ham. Scars in the visible region have so no person disfigure because an unsightly scar affects whatsoever on the self-confidence of the people. What is important is that you can never take the scar gel into open wounds or eye. Scar gel is available in tubes, in pots or as a roll-on stick, here everyone has the opportunity to find him pleasant form for application. So Narbengels belong in every medicine cabinet in order to respond not only with injuries and the miracle supplies, but also then take care of the scars.