Kelo Cote Silicone Gel

Kelo cote silicone gel is a gel for the treatment of scars and injuries. It may be used alone or in combination with other therapies and scar compression bandages to speed up the healing of scars.


The Kelo cote silicone gel forms about scars and wounds a thin film. This is waterproof and produced over the scar a protective barrier. The moisture content in the scar remains evenly up through the silicone film over many hours. The scar is protected from dehydration. The fabric can be reproduced. The scar is also elastic and extreme itching is reduced. A use of easily anzwendenden Narbengels is on large scars, hairy parts of the body as well as burns and wounds, after the wound healing, appears.


The Kelo cote silicone gel consists of the high-quality silicone polysiloxane. It forms by the patented animals Crosslink Technology, a stable transparent layer on the skin surface and does not penetrate into the body. Polysiloxane is suitable for people with sensitive skin and children. The efficacy has already been demonstrated in several studies.


The Kelo cote silicone gel is applied thinly to the affected districts. After a drying time of three to five minutes can be cosmetic products such as makeup application without problems. Does not dry out the gel, then the excess can be removed with a cloth. The gel-like consistency is extremely elastic and can therefore first come to mobile areas such as elbows, knees and the joints to be used. For visible results by the scar a long-term use between two and three months is recommended. Distinct and older scars should be treated long-term with Kelo cote Silkon gel. The gel is available in various packaging sizes. 6 grams of scars with a size of 5-7.5 cm 15 grams for a size between 7.5 to 18 scars with cm 60 grams of scars with a size of 50-70 cm or 180 square centimeters


Kelo cote silicone gel makes scar tissue elastic and prevents desiccation of the tissue and the adjacent skin areas. The elastic protective film protects the scar against pollution caused by chemical substances in cosmetics, bacteria and dirt particles.

Kelo Cote Silicone Gel

Kelo Cote Silicone Gel





      Price/ Performance ratio



        • Lightweight and easy drying
        • For fresh and old scars
        • Proven efficacy