Kelofibrase Sandoz cream

The Kelofibrase Sandoz cream is a multi-purpose agent for skin care. The main task of Kelofibrase cream is designed to combat various types of stretch marks or scars on the skin.

The regular application of the cream Kelofibrase (a period of about 2-4 weeks) and then massaging (3-4 minutes) of damaged” skin provides a nearly complete alignment of skin structure and to approximate the color of the damaged skin the intact skin surface.

This happens because the because the Kelofibrase Sandoz cream stimulates the blood flow in the surrounding tissue and thus reduces the scar tissue and replaced with a cream component.

The elasticity of the skin tissue is repeatedly improved. This is an important factor in the bow of the occurrence of stretch marks in the future.

By Kelofibrase cream of the process of skin regeneration begins; it leads to a “stretching of the skin”. Thus, the skin surface is the scar “smoothed” to the scar completely “dissolve”.

The Kelofibrase cream not only helps to treat stretch marks, which are caused by sport, or prevent, but also significant weight fluctuations (eg pregnancy, sudden weight loss or gain). The cream has practically no contraindications or restrictions in application.

The operating principle of Kelofibrase cream is very simple: The cream contains a natural moisturizing component – Urea. Urea provides for better moisture balance of the skin, makes the skin softer and more elastic.


The Kelofibrase Sandoz cream is applied 2-3 day directly to the affected skin area. The cream is massaged with long fingers until it was complete absorbed by the skin. The duration of the massage is about 3-4 minutes. If necessary, cream can still be added during massaging. The application time varies depending on the age of the scarring or stretch marks.

For the treatment of young scar the length of treatment is usually no longer than 4-6 weeks, when applied morning and evening (with massage).

With long-standing scars, the treatment time can be from 3-6 months. Here must be vigorously” massaging. It is also possible to prepare the cream Kelofibrase bandages which can be laid overnight on the affected skin site. It is an application of 3-4 times daily is recommended.

How much Kelofibrase cream is to be applied at once, must be tested individually.