Mederma Scar Care Gel

Many people opt to maintain scars particularly to reduce them if they feel restricted in their self-confidence by visible scars or herself not so much with scars as before. Scars can also pain, itching, or swelling.

Mederma Scar Care Gel is the doctors and pharmacists most recommended product for the care of scars. Mederma is the leading producer for scar care products.
The active ingredient allantoin protects sensitive scarred skin, making it supple again and also supports the healing process of the skin. The appearance of scars is the active ingredient Cepalin (this is onion extract) weakened. Aloe Vera moisturizes the skin and has revitalizing properties.
Due to this special combination of active ingredients (allantoin Cepalin and aloe vera) acts Mederma Scar Care Gel not only on the surface, but deep in the scar tissue.

Mederma Scar Care Gel is effective on acne, stretch, burn, injury and surgical scars; on old and on fresh scars.
It is uniformly applied once a day to the affected skin and slightly rubbed. After four weeks, it usually comes already to a reduction in redness. After two months, the scar tissue is more elastic and flat.
On new scars, the duration of use is 8 weeks, on old scars it is 6 to 8 months. Although the care of scars requires patience, but for the specified application period scars with regular use will be almost invisible.

One study showed that the overall appearance of the scars of the test persons after eight weeks of use of the product according to its own assessment was better by 36 percent than that of untreated scars. Within eight weeks, the subjects presented in detail determined a moderate to significant improvement in terms of the redness, the texture, the smoothness and the overall appearance of the treated scars. On the contrary, was only found a slight improvement with regard to the points mentioned in untreated scars.

Mederma Scar Care Gel

Mederma Scar Care Gel





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        • Very good efficacy
        • For old and new scars
        • Cream is quickly absorbed