Scar Care

After surgery, accidents or burns starts with the healing of scars, a mixed feeling of itching and pain. A scar care is welcome and important for the development of the scar.

There are many ointments. On a few important components you should thereby judge his attention, if you want to achieve both flexibility and inflammation: natural substances such as allantoin (included eg in wheat and soybean seedlings, rice, cauliflower or chestnut) and onion extract here are very supportive. Allantoin soothes irritations and the cells regenerate better so. Onion extract counteracts the inflammation inclination and the swelling. There are gels containing these ingredients. Ask the pharmacist for it. Gels can be perfectly applied and produce not feel at the scar care zuzuschmieren something and to sweat less, whatever is pure already spread from the top of inconvenience.

 The word wound agrees the whole person sensitive and any cool-soothing agent is welcome. Then belongs to scar care could include, when the acute condition has passed, ie, postoperative care by the physician with his professional applications: Pull possible cotton clothes on, at least at the points that touch the scar areas. Synthetic fabrics create an unnatural climate and unnecessarily irritating the already stressed skin. If there is the scar in the bending area of ​​the body, it is exposed to additional hardships. When everyday life allows it, then best to wear casual clothes.

The scar should not verschwarten, i.e. receive a fixed and immobile tissue structure. The counteracts a truly enduring scar care. Several times a day apply a scar ointment also contains heparin as possible, is very helpful. Heparin has the property to loosen the scar tissue and prevent the stiffening and immobility.

Even the diet is considerable support and acting from the inside consolation for scars in time. If scarring from acne result, know the people best that matter. Chocolate, alcohol, sweets and cigarettes are not kind to our skin and its regeneration processes. This also applies to any other scar. The skin is our largest organ and is affected by our diets in the fact if she’s good or not so good. She shows us very clearly in Abheilungsprozessen.

Strong climatic Herausfoderungen as sunlight, for example, are less recommended. If you sit in the sun, cover at least the scars from and prefer please shady places. Your injured skin will thank you.

Scars, which form under the skin, for example, by strong decrease of weight or by pregnancies, are grateful for Sport. Sport forms muscles and tightens the connective tissue. Because these scars under the skin have something to do with our connective tissue tears. A famous doctor who oversaw a German football team, has written a book on the subject and also described the function of this connective tissue as retaining envelope around our bodies, which performs communication with our brains, which is interrupted by such cracks. If you eat those yummy stuff like mozzarella, lubricates the connective tissue to you (as if you were this soft cheese mass press through a sieve) and the communication does not work anymore. The tendency toward brittleness of the fabric increases it.

Fiber and calcium-rich foods are effective against these so-called stretch marks (which are cracks / scars in the subcutaneous tissue, usually in women), and breaks in the domestic tissue (caused by lifting heavy objects (which then also lead to scars), mostly in men. This is the scar Care is a mixture of movement, detoxification measures, on the one hand, a basic diet and secondly avoiding requiring acid-forming foods (eg dairy products, meat, coffee, nicotine, etc.). Again, help oils with such ingredients such as calendula, witch hazel, birch soothing and dehydrating effect. These oils are offered by various manufacturers in pharmacies and drugstores.

So many faces have scars so relatively equal to the formula of their care. The skin is our largest organ. If they suffer injuries, it requires our increased welfare.
There is no heroism to leave scars just wither away, because they will have their problems, when we no longer reckon with, especially, can only hardly do anything about it. Strong sunlight, severe temperature fluctuations, nutrition, alcohol and smokeeffects prevent the skin on her recovery. Also to use any cosmetics is not advisable. We lubricate our biggest detoxification organ to easily and hinder the healthy sustaining exchange which fed out toxins in the circulation and absorbs minerals and vitamins.
The fact that the skin needs to breathe is not a slogan, but vital. There is a page that calls itself TOXFOX, there you can examine the small numbers of your cream below the barcode on ingredients that do your skin no good. Even this is an open secret that a well-maintained and nourished skin, heals faster even in such extreme situations such as after surgery, accidents, burns or acne. Man is an overall concept.
Our way of life affects all regeneration processes. When scar care it is good when you’re healed again, at least at this time, to everything, a little is his own caring nurse.

A scar makes us a slice of life experienced. The attentive and patient, we take care of them (half a year needs it anyway), the smoother it will still be seen and felt to be. Especially the tissue takes around again on his work with all its Networked characteristics that we have not yet all decrypted. That everyone should be worth it.