ScarSoft scar gel

If the case of injury the connective tissue of the skin injured, so there is often scarring. However, the natural wound healing is a slow process, and to support and reduce scarring, help applying ScarSoft scar gel.

Application and objectives of the scar ScarSoft:

The treatment of a scar by scar gel is definitely recommended, but should be started always only when the wound is completely closed.

For the successful application of the gel, it should be several times daily massaged into the scar tissue.
(Tip: In addition it can be helpful, even at night apply the ScarSoft scar gel in a thin layer and cover with a bandage to promote the healing process.)
The gel is absorbed easily and quickly, is odorless and non-greasy. In everyday life, it is thus always well applicable.
The duration of the application is individual and depends to a large extent on whether the wound healing was begun directly after the treatment or at a later time. If you want to treat older scars, as is to be expected with a longer duration of use.

The goals of treatment are:

  • an accelerated healing process
  • Reduction of itching and redness
  • Beaded scar tissue (keloids) is prevented
  • protect the skin by a protective film against additional external influences
  • Tissue elasticity verbessen (supple instead of stretched skin)
  • Optimize the moisture balance
  • faster regeneration of the skin

ScarSoft can help also in the reduction of acne scars and stretch marks.

Advantage of ScarSoft scar gel and Product Reviews:

A great advantage of Narbengels of ScarSoft, is the union of experiences of Western and Asian medicine. It was used in the development of a onion extract, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, which have been proven in Western medicine for scar treatment. On the other hand the ScarSoft scar gel also contains components from the Asian medicine, such as Aloe vera extract, allantoin and mulberry extract.

Speak the opinions of previous users / -Innen for purchasing the ScarSoft Narbengels.
Customers praise the scar gel especially for his quick action. Also features as the above-mentioned odor neutrality and rapid retraction be confirmed by the users repeatedly and perceived as pleasant. Not for nothing that presented the scar is often recommended by dermatologists treated.

The time in which you had to resign yourself with unwanted scars, the scar gel from ScarSoft definitely over!