What you can do against scars

Scars care and treatment

Whenever we injure our skin, a scar may remain. It happened quickly, a cut, an injury or a poorly healing wound deeper. But by acne and burns and, not least, by accidents or surgery scars arise.
The fresher the scar, the clearer it is to see and to be correct are disturbing scars on his face, felt at the neckline or on the hands. But even on the non-visible parts of the body scars can strain life. Making is characterized by itching, tingling sensation or sometimes even through pain, for example, when the weather changes, noticeable. Very showy and unsightly scars can cause enormous suffering for those affected

The body heals itself

With very minor injuries, in which only the upper layers of skin are affected, the body may form new tissue and there remains nothing. However, deeper layers of skin affected, closes the body‘s own healing mechanism, the wound first with a blood clot forms and later a coarse granulation to then bring about the healing of wounds. At very low injury as after accidents or surgical procedures, the self-healing mechanism no longer manages to sufficiently regenerate the tissue and it remains a scar. These can be very different and of their severity depends on how to treat them.

Scar is not the same scar

After deep wounds red scars remain, which are often thickened. If the connective tissue is proliferated, it looks accordingly beaded. These are hypertrophic scars, they are limited to the wound area.
Keloids are highly proliferative scars overshoot” on the wound area, you are also very red, feeling rough and often cause discomfort
Atrophic scars are deeper than the skin, are like sunken dings and often occur after severe acne.
All have in common, depending on the size and extent that sufferers want to bring them prefer to disappear completely, which unfortunately never completely possible. With appropriate care and treatment, however, scars can be so attenuated that they are barely visible and also cause less discomfort.

The sooner the better

After an operation, the optimal wound care is the best prevention to avoid leaving unsightly scarring. After that intense sunlight – even in the solarium – to go out of the way and special care products can help to keep the tissue supple. Today often a treatment with silicone or silicone plaster is applied. A treatment with cortisone is also out of the question to inhibit excessive scarring. Sports activities should be avoided, so the scar pressure to, or train is exposed.
But also for other violations should be started with the treatment as early as possible in order to influence the scars development positively. Nevertheless, above all patience is asked more months of treatment is usually necessary. Only after months to start making little sense, old scars form hardly back. The first few weeks are crucial!

Ointment, gel and patch

For the treatment of scars, various means are available. Fatty ointments promote blood circulation of the skin and are so Merging different skin layers together prevent. However, some doctors argue that one should rather resort to moisturizers, even better are wet compresses. Scar ointments containing silicone, are usually prescribed by the doctor. Silicone seals the wound and prevents bulging with light pressure. A similar effect also have special scar plaster which by means of pressure and seal for faster healing. Under the cobblestones creates a humid climate, which can together grow faster tissue. In any case, a consultation is recommended by a dermatologist, who suggests there may be other treatment options.

Scarring after acne

Severe acne also belongs in the hands of a doctor. While there are gels and ointments for self-treatment at the pharmacy, but severe forms usually require a lengthy therapy, which aims to prevent ugly scars largely. Is it already come to scarring, the dermatologist can often achieve good results with a fruit acid peel. Even grinding process or laser treatments are among the most effective treatment options.

Operative scar correction

If all the measures do not lead to success, and a scar the lifestyle of the person concerned restricts very strong, a surgical scar correction can be contemplated. Not only cosmetic problems, also limitations due to pain can make this step necessary. As a rule, it is carried out at the earliest one year after surgery or injury. Depressed scars can be relined with fabric, beaded scar tissue is surgically removed and sealed with special suture techniques. If a reimbursement can be duly substantiated, this intervention is supported by the insurance company. The aim is that the scar is clearly insignificant after an operation, but again the correction capability is limited. Most of the procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis, either in general anesthesia or under local anesthesia. Of course, every surgery carries some risk, may lead to wound infections and it can create new scars that extend unfavorable circumstances. So here is carefully weighed.

Alternative methods

Dermabrasion is a method for abrading the skin, which is applied not only in acne patients. Here, the surface of the skin to renew and improve the appearance of the scar. Even laser method used to skin resurfacing, here the uppermost skin layer is removed. However, not suitable for every scar this method, it has to decide a medical specialist. Often in large-area treatment an anesthetic is necessary, the health insurance companies cover the costs only in exceptional cases. There are usually several sessions necessary, calculated from 100 and 300 . Even with these methods, the scars do not disappear, but will be much flatter, smoother and inconspicuous. The combination of ultrasound and scar ointment may be promising. The active ingredients penetrate deep into the tissue and can affect hardening low.

Help from nature

Classical homeopathy also provides means for scar healing. Here one should be advice of experienced homeopaths who find the appropriate means, depending on the type of scar. The same goes for cell salts, which should not be used indiscriminately, but be coordinated with the scar. Olive oil or St. John’s Wort oil can help to make the scars softer. Marigold salve or aloe vera have proven to be helpful. Onion extract is often included in creams for scar treatment and the juice of onion can alternatively be applied with cotton wool several times a day. Honey is also considered old home remedy for scars due to acne. All these funds have presumably supportive effect, but can not work miracles.

Daily living aids

Camouflage is called a special make-up, which effectively covers scars, keeps to twenty-four hours and can return quality of life. Another option is to seek cover scars with tattoos. Such medical aesthetic tattoos belong in the hands of experienced professionals. With matching clothes and stylish make-up can be visually distracted by a disruptive scar.

For what treatment method is also decides on time and to act preventively in small or large wounds, is the best advice. After heavy interventions or accidents, severe burns, one should not hesitate to seek psychological help to better live with the scars. Medically, you can do all kinds, so that at the end with a lot of patience, perhaps only a discreet, unassuming regard to the former injury is visible.