Consistent and unsightly scars what can I do about it?

Many people who have some of the many reasons that have been there for scars pulled, are often in search of relief, since their self-confidence and faith has taken on its own beauty lasting damage. Whether there are now caused by acne scarring, stretch marks or surgical scars; all cases often seem hopeless. But that must not be! The White Lotus Scar Reduction Pack offers a number of tools that can make both individually and in combination their scars less visible.

How does the White Lotus Scar Reduction Pack?

The process is also commonly offered in beauty salons, but with this equipment you can easily achieve the same results for less money. A great advantage of Scar Reduction Pack is also that they can treat many types of scars. If you want to edit smaller scars, such as piercing scars or other less deeply rooted, they only have the Scar Reduction Serum Apply, snubbing the corresponding area and needles with the Derma Stamp. After that they should wait a few seconds and apply the After Care Serum. By needling misplaced collagen fibers are disrupted, causing the scar appearance. The superficial injury now leads to the formation of new collagen and already they have softer skin. The serum is also rich in oxidants and renews the cells with no side effects. In about 70% of cases there were results that could be seen: the scars were much less clearly visible or completely gone.

I have deep surgical scars, may I help White Lotus also here? The answer is yes. The White Lotus Scar Reduction Pack shows success even in very deep scars. Whether caused by acne Eispickelnarben, burn scars or surgical scars, we can give them relief. But in this case you should use the more intensive treatment with the scooters instead of the Derma Stamp, simply to a larger area to address and can regnerieren more skin. The successes lasssen usually observe quite fast: after three months, significant improvements should be adjusted, initial results, there is usually already after two weeks.